My Top 4 Facial Sun Creams

UV radiation causes cellular damage resulting in a blotchy complexion, collagen damage and a lack of elasticity
— says renowned facialist, Sarah Chapman
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Your make-up is going to look even more beautiful and last even longer on healthy skin.

Sunscreen is essential for healthy skin but also as an anti-ager. When choosing a sunscreen opt for one that gives UVA and UVB protection, and ensure you re-apply regularly.

There are two types of sun rays: UVA (which cause skin ageing) and UVB (responsible for sunburn). Both types pass through clouds, particularly UVA. “These rays may also bounce off clouds, intensifying the level of radiation they give off,”
— says Dr Alexis Granite, Consulting Dermatologist for Kiehl's

My Top 4 Facial Sun Creams:

These recommendations are based purely on my own personal experience of how I found the effectiveness, texture and smell of the product and also how well the make-up lasted that I wore on top of the sunscreen. I cannot vouch for the long-term effectiveness of the product, (apart from going by what’s on the brand’s website!), or how suitable it’ll be for your particular skin type. Remember, it’s possible to be allergic to any skincare or makeup product, so using a sample of the product first is always advisable.

My skin is dehydrated and at various times in my life I’ve had patches of eczema, so I’m very aware that it needs to be kept protected. Personally I consider a sun cream an essential part of my skincare routine and will apply it every day (through Summer and Winter).

I’ve used each of these sun creams for at least 3 months at a time - the Nivea one more in the Summer time, whereas the one from Green People has been more in the Winter. They each have their time and place and I’ll choose which one to apply depending on what I’m doing that day. None of them have caused me to come out in blemishes, which is a huge plus point given my experience of some other brands!

Comfort Zone, Sun Soul Extra Cream SPF 50+, £23
This is not a brand I’d heard of (even through social media) until I was introduced to it by Anita Black, who’s a wonderful Beautician (original owner of Options Beauty Salon in Edenbridge) and someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now.

My thoughts:

  • The product has a lovely creamy (but light-weight) texture, and there’s no strong smell 

  • Absorbs really well, no white mask and so in turn, is ideal before make-up

  • Pleased to read that it’s: “Free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors, and animal derivatives” - Comfort Zone website

Green People, Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF 30, £18
A Company with a great philosophy and one striving to become the UK’s most loved natural and organic skin care brand.

My thoughts:

  • A thicker texture (than Comfort Zone), so you feel it covers the face well but make-up still sits well over the top of it

  • It’s “anti-ageing Avocado & Green Tea protect and maintain collagen and elastin in the skin” - Green People website. Who doesn’t want this!?!

  • Good to read: “78% certified organic ingredients” - Green people website

  • Personally I’m not overly keen on the smell but then my personal preference is to have my skincare products smelling divine!

Nivea Anti-Age Face Sun Cream SFP 30
My thoughts:

  • As it’s water resistant, it’s the perfect product for when you’re on holiday or at the beach and you want specific protection for your face…. and it smells divine (reminding me of being on holiday!)

  • Good to read that it: “provides powerful protection against sun damage and signs of ageing for the delicate facial skin” - Nivea website

  • For me I find it doesn’t leave a white residue but it does leave my skin looking rather oily, so out of the 4 products listed in this blog this would be the one that I would wear minimal makeup with - definitely more of a beach holiday product.

Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de soin SPF30, £8
My thoughts:

  • This product can be sprayed after make-up through-out the day, acting as a make-up fixer as well as providing sun protection. It leaves no visible signs.

  • Good price point!

  • I wouldn’t just rely on this product for sun protection as I always have a concern, as it’s a spray, that I might have missed an area of my face

If you use any of the above products, do let me know your thoughts on how they work for you and if you have any sun cream products that you can’t live without I’d love to hear about them.

Have a wonderful Summer!