Clean Your Make-up Brushes Like A Pro

Good make-up brushes are an investment – you owe it to yourself to ensure that your brushes last as long as they possibly can! After each use make-up brushes will collect residue, oil and dead skin cells, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria that, assuming you are not cleaning your brushes regularly, you will then put back onto your face! This puts you at risk of breakouts and skin sensitivities.

When make-up builds up on your brushes it can make them feel rough; the fluffy texture that you fell in love with will disappear.  Also the brush will not be as effective for putting on your make-up.

How often should you clean your brushes?

Ideally, your brushes should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

5 steps to keeping your make-up brushes fresh and clean:

1.      First get the bristles of your brush completely wet with lukewarm water.  Hold the brushes downwards, so that the bristles are at the bottom.  This will help ensure that the ferrule (the area where the bristles meet the handle) does not get wet; over time if the ferrule gets wet the glue will break down and then the brush is likely to lose its hairs 

2.      Wash your tools with baby shampoo or an unscented bar of soap, rinsing as you go.  Continue washing until the water runs clear.  Remember to be very gentle so as not to ruin the shape of the brush.

3.      Gently squeeze out any excess water and then lay the brushes out on a clean towel.  Ideally with the bristles hanging slightly over the edge of the towel/counter, so that air can fully circulate around the bristles.  Also, I like to ensure that the handles are slightly raised, again to help ensure that water doesn’t travel up the ferrule.

4.      Leave the brushes to dry for about 6 hours this ensure that the brushes are completely dry or, if you can, leave them overnight

5.      Finally, disinfect your brushes by spraying them with a makeup brush cleaner.  It is likely that washing alone will not remove all pigments, oils and product residue - The Pro Hygiene Collection is designed to clean, condition and sanitize. The Makeup Brush Cleaner will kill 99.99% of bacteria and fungi.