The Client: The person booking the service

The Company: Jane Mather Ltd

The Agreement: The agreement between the Client and the Company, confirmed by e-mail, for provision of the service

The Fee: The amount payable by the Client to the Company for the service in the Agreement

The Event: The occasion for which the service has been agreed e.g. wedding day

The Party: Persons in addition to the Client requiring services at The Event

Booking Wedding Day Make-up
(Traditional and/or Airbrushed)

Event bookings, in the UK, are secured upon receipt of a £60 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will be deducted from the final Fee due.  Receipt of a deposit payment confirms The Agreement and secures The Company’s availability for The Event on the agreed date and time for the agreed Fee.

Enquiries for which a deposit has not been paid are not confirmed and therefore availability cannot be guaranteed and an Agreement is not formally in place.

Cancellations are only deemed valid if received via e-mail.

The Fee is always agreed via e-mail, verbal agreements are not offered as they are not deemed valid by The Company.

Travel Expenses For Bookings In UK

Time / travel expenses are incurred for bookings within the UK outside a 20-mile road distance from Bexhill (TN39). 

Distances are calculated using the RAC's on-line journey planner and time / travel expenses will be agreed between The Company and The Client as part of The Agreement.

If required, alternative methods of transport other than motor vehicles, such as rail or flight will be discussed and agreed with The Client during the booking process.

Where applicable, parking costs, train fares and congestion charges will be passed onto The Client. 


Wedding make-up application prices can be found here on my website.

An invoice for the deposit and make-up trial will be sent to The Client at the time of confirming the booking.  The deposit is due for payment within one week of this invoice being sent.  The cost of the trial is payable at the end of the trial, ideally by cash.

The Client will be invoiced the balance of the Fee within 1 month of the make-up trial taking place, unless The Event is in less than 2 weeks’ time in which case it will be sent immediately after the booking has been secured.

Full payment of the balance of The Fee is required 2 weeks before The Event, if The Event is less than 2 weeks away full payment is required to secure the booking. 

Payment can be accepted by cash, debit/credit card (except for American Express), or bank transfer.

Client Responsibility
It is The Client’s responsibility to inform the Company in writing, before paying the deposit or booking a trial, of any potential issues such as but not limited to medical conditions (e.g. asthma), allergies, and/or sensitivities. The Company (and/or Jane Mather) cannot be held liable for any condition that arises or loss incurred by the Client if the Client has not informed the Company (and/or Jane Mather) of any known condition(s) as stated above, or of any conditions unknown to the Client at the time of the service. 

With airbrush make-up application, due to the fine make-up particles that are being sprayed through the air-gun, The Company will take extra precautions to ensure that the room is well ventilated.  The Client must make The Company aware if they suffer from, or have suffered in the past with, asthma.  In this situation, due to the fine particles travelling through the air, there is more of a potential irritation risk to The Client.  The Company will discuss this with The Client and it's then at The Client's discretion as to whether they wish to continue with airbrush make-up application and The Client will be asked to sign the booking form to this effect. 

The Company (and/or Jane Mather) reserve the right to cancel the Agreement if the behaviour of The Client is deemed inappropriate and/or if The Client reports a condition that the Company (and/or Jane Mather) deem a risk to Jane Mather’s health and well-being. In these cases the deposit paid by The Client is non-refundable.

Prior to The Event, each member of The Party will be expected to complete a medical/allergies disclaimer.  If any allergies/sensitivities/medical conditions are noted and the member of The Party has not had a trial, then The Company has the right to refuse to provide the service or to only apply the member's make-up using their own make-up products.     

Company Responsibility
Photos will be taken at the trial and / or The Event.  These photos will be kept on The Client's file and will only be used for The Company's marketing purposes with the written consent of The Client. 

The Agreement will not be put in place without The Client (and/or the bride) agreeing to a make-up trial.  If for any reason the make-up trial does not take place at least one month prior to The Event then The Company (and/or Jane Mather) have the right to cancel the booking.  If, at the discretion of The Company, the booking goes ahead then The Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage (be it financial or otherwise) that The Client and/or members of The Party may feel that they have incurred due to a deemed failure on The Company's part to meet the expectations of The Client and/or members of The Party.   

The Company will always endeavour to honour the Agreement to the best of its ability.

There may be circumstances beyond the control of The Company where Jane Mather is unwell, delayed or otherwise unavailable, sometimes at short notice. In such a case The Company will inform The Client at its earliest convenience and endeavour to make favourable alternative arrangements if possible.

The Company reserves the right to offer The Client compensation in the event that it is not able to honour the Agreement. This is entirely dependent on the circumstances and will be discussed openly and honestly with The Client. Should this be deemed necessary the compensation will be limited to the final Fee value.

In conjunction with these Terms and Conditions The Company's Privacy Policy should also be read.

Version: Sept 2018