Make-up Lesson - Susan Padgham - working mother in her 40's

Client: Susan Padgham
Occupation: Senior GP Partner

Service utilised: Make-up lesson

As a full-time working mother and wife, Susie’s time is in short supply and as many of my clients, in a similar situation, have experienced, finding the time to focus on herself and the changing needs of her skin and make-up requirements (now that she was in her 40’s) was proving difficult.

Susie felt that she could do with a “… breath of fresh air for my now mummy look!!!” So a one-to-one make-up lesson was arranged, taking place at my studio in East Sussex.

The aim of the make-up lesson was to find an elegant, enhancing day-time make-up look that was easy and fairly quick for Susie to apply in the mornings. Obviously the look needed to complement Susie’s skin tone and eye colour, but Susie also needed to feel comfortable with her new make-up look, knowing that it was embellishing her personal brand and, in turn, giving her new found confidence in the image that she is portraying.

we initially chatted about Susie’s (then) current skincare and make-up routine, whilst taking a look at the products in her make-up bag. For me this is a really interesting part of the lesson, it helps me to understand why clients choose the make-up products that they do; what’s currently working and not working for them; and I gain an insight into how I can be most effective in delivering a make-up lesson tailored to their requirements.

We then moved onto the practical part of the session and I started off by applying the make-up look to one-side of Susie’s face and she practised on the other-side. This allowed Susie to see which make-up brushes were best for a particular application, gave her the opportunity to receive direct feedback as to how best to create the look we were aiming for and introduced her to some gorgeous new products.

One week after the session Susie then received a full write-up of everything we discussed, including brushes, products and the most appropriate application techniques to use.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Susie and I believe Susie’s lovely review is testimony to how valuable she found the lesson

- “Thank you, Susie”

‘AFTER’ PHOTO - from recent photoshoot.



Wonderful morning spent with lovely Jane who is such a warm kind person and makes you feel at ease as soon as you arrive. I went in for a make up session to update my look having devoted the past few years to full time work and bringing up 2 little girls I looked in the mirror and thought I needed some me time! Jane advised me re products ,looks and especially skin care as I am now in my early 40’s and life creeps up on you and your skin. I left feeling uplifted, updated and looked upgraded and the visit has given me the inertia to hopefully continue with Jane’s excellent advice.Thank you so much Jane for helping me rediscover my former self and give me back a bit of confidence. Xxxx
— Susan Padgham